Virtual Creative Arts Conference 2021

In association with Rustenburg Girls’ Junior, in partnership with WCED presents the Creative Arts Conference 2021

Aug 27-28, 2021

COVID may have turned the world upside down leaving a devastating impact on education but it has also given us the opportunity to reimagine teaching and has highlighted the unwavering commitment of educators. It has highlighted the critical role that Creative Arts plays in supporting the educational, social, emotional and psychological wellbeing of learners. The Creative Arts are ‘the heart of the school’, building character while children learn essential life skills and values, such as curiosity and creativity, that will shape their future.

The 2021 Creative Arts Education Conference will provide educators with the tools needed to provide quality creative arts education to every learner, whether they have specialist training and, more specifically, if they don’t. It will showcase the critical role the Creative Arts has in working towards equity and diversity in our schools. It will introduce educators to new technology that will keep our learners engaged in Creative Arts learning.

The conference and workshops are designed to provide a fresh and exciting approach to teaching the arts (music, art, design, and dance).

On Saturday, 28 August 2021 our Principal Mrs Berenice Carelse-Plato took part in this virtual conference and presented to an audience of over 100 attendees. Her presentation covered Visual Literacy Methodology and the creative ways that a teacher could evoke from learners the interpretation of variety of artworks and images. She received great feedback and we are very proud of her achievement.

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