COVID-19 School guidelines for all schools

Regular screening

According to the Covid-19 school guidelines, all learners and staff members will be screened daily.  Those with raised temperatures, will then be considered for isolation and testing.


  • Learners will have to wash or sanitize their hands before entering classrooms.
  • At the start of every school day  classrooms will be sanitized.

Social distancing plans

The Covid-19 school guidelines cover distancing in class, outside of class, in transport and more. See Transport below.

  • No more than two learners may share a desk, with no hugging or handshaking.
  • Extra classes should be arranged in small groups that maintain social distancing.
  • Movement of learners between classes will also be limited.

Face masks

Learners and teachers will be expected to wear cloth masks at all times.

What can you do as a parent to ensure your child’s safety at school?

We spoke to Professor Shaheen Mehtar, an infection prevention and control specialist at Stellenbosch University and head of the IPC unit at Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town.

 Here’s a summary of Professor Mehtar’s advice:

  1. Explain hand hygiene to your child. This means washing hands frequently, and especially before and after eating, after using the toilet, and after touching any dirty surface.
  2. Teach your child how to wear a cloth face mask, and try to get your child to understand that its important he or she doesn’t fiddle with it.
  3. Explain social distancing and explore the options of playing games where less physical contact is required.
  4. Explain that surfaces at school must be kept clean, and that surfaces at school must be wiped in the morning and after school.
  5. Disinfecting tunnels or any disinfectant in spray form is not advised.

Watch Professor Mehtar’s full video here.