COVID-19 TCAC Screening Process

Screening of Visitors

  1. Demarcated areas have been placed outside the office area to allow for 1.5m social distancing.
  2. Screening takes place before entry to office area.
  3. On cold and rainy days screening will take place at the front entrance of office.
  4. The Principal/Secretary will screen all visitors or delivery personnel.
  5. If there is a delivery of items either the General Worker or Secretary will sanitise the items.
  6. Screening will take place as a manual process and will be kept on record and filed in the COVID 19 File.


  • All visitors must wear a mask at all times. No mask – No Entry
  • Visitors who wish to enter the office area will wait on the demarcated area outside the office door to be screened.
  • If there is an influx of visitors they will stand 1.5m away from each other as per demarcations.
  • Visitor temperature will be taken and recorded.
  • Screening questions and answers for each visitor will be recorded and filed.
  • Visitor will be sanitised.

Screening of Learners

  1. There is a committee of screeners.
  2. All staff forms part of the screening process.
  3. Screening will take place before each class.
  4. A schedule of screeners will be drafted for each day of the week.
  5. Screening will take place as a manual process and will be kept on record and filed in the COVID 19 File.


  • All learners and visiting teachers must wear a mask at all times. No mask – No Entry.
  • Art Teachers will wait at the entry of the entrance gate with an information board to inform learners where to stand and await screening before entry.
  • There will be 2 screening stations on the clay area outside our reception block.
  • Teachers will screen their own class.
  • Each screening station will have a class register with all questions pertaining to screening.
  • Learner temperature will be taken by the teacher and questions will be asked to each learner.
  • All screening information per learner will be manually captured and filed in the COVID 19 file.
  • Once the learner has been screened, the learner will immediately walk up to the class studio where a staff member will greet them and sanitise their hands before entry into the classroom.
  • Water and soap containers (with taps) have been placed at the exit points of each classroom/studio to allow learners to wash hands upon exiting the studio after the lesson.
  • All desks and chairs in the classroom have been demarcated as per the 1.5m social distancing regulations.
  • Table screens have been designed and created by staff to further separate learners from each other during class time.
  • Learners will not be allowed to move chairs around and will also not be allowed to move around freely in the classroom.
  • Orientation will be provided to all learners before class commences.
  • If a learner needs to leave the classroom and upon their return they will be sanitised.
  • Learners will only be allowed to use the toilet facility if absolutely necessary, a staff member will accompany the learner to ensure that the area is sanitised and cleaned after use. Learner will be required to wash their hands before they leave the toilet area.