COVID-19 TCAC Policy Regulations



  • ALL staff, learners and visitors MUST be screened before gaining access to the school premises.
  • ALL staff, learners and visitors MUST wear face masks at ALL times.
  • Teachers MUST wear the screen guard and masks when working with learners in the classrooms/studios. This for their own protection.
  • Visitor access will be restricted and only be allowed for essential reasons such as visits by departmental officials, delivery of materials, sanitizing, maintenance and collection of learners if and when ill.
  • Any person that answers yes to any of the screening questions or has a fever will not be allowed access and will be advised to return to their school or home to be isolated and thereafter to be tested for COVID-19.
  • The reception or office will remain locked at all times throughout the day and access will only be given by the secretary for specific reasons such as the use of the printer/photocopier/Staff PC/kettle/fridge/microwave or collection of documents and signing the attendance register.
  • Staff signing the register must please bring along with them their own black pens to complete the register
  • Reception office can no longer be used for relaxation as it will be a restricted space for official use only
  • ALL people entering the office MUST adhere to the demarcations laid out in the space.  
  • No more than two people including the secretary will be allowed in the office space at one time.


  • Due to the nature of the teaching programme at the Art centre, ALL studios, offices, ablutions and other communal areas MUST be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Deep cleaning and Sanitizing of spaces will only take place should we have a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the centre.
  • During lesson times, learners will NOT be allowed to share materials or tools.
  • Teachers need to ensure that there are sufficient tools and materials per learner preferably in designated sealable containers such as yoghurt containers, ice cream containers, zip lock bags, etc.
  • Sanitizing of desks/tables, chairs, tools and materials in studio MUST be done after each class. (mid morning and end of school day)
  • Spaces will be locked immediately after sanitizing of spaces has been done.
  • Teachers will take responsibility for sanitizing their own tools and materials using the sanitizing materials allocated in each space.
  • Please note that it is important to keep your space well ventilated at all times. Windows or doors must be kept open if possible to allow fresh air to flow.
  • Ablution facilities will be sanitized by individuals(staff) after personal use.(toilet seats, taps and door handles using bleach or sanitizers)
  • Learners will have restricted access to the toilets (only in the case of emergencies) and will be accompanied by a staff member who will sanitize the space after use.
  • Learners have to be reminded to wash their hands with soap and water at the designated times set out by the teachers.
  • Ablution facilities will be cleaned and sanitized generally at the end of each day in preparation for the next day by the cleaning staff.
  • All staff will have their own mug and cutlery as no borrowing of these items will be allowed.
  • Each individual is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing their own crockery and cutlery after use.
  • Individuals using the microwave, kettle, coffee machine and fridge will sanitize these items after use using sanitizers or antibacterial wipes and discard of the wipes in the bin.
  • Each person will sanitize the printer/copier and computer after use using sanitizer or antibacterial wipes and discard of the wipes in the bin.
  • Each person entering another space MUST sanitize thoroughly before entry.

Hands, soles of shoes.

  • In the event of any deliveries to the Art Centre, the person receiving such deliveries MUST wear gloves when doing so and each item received MUST be sanitized individually before being stored.
  • Gloves MUST be discarded after use.
  • Each studio and office must have a designated sanitizing station at the entrance to the studio/office.
  • Sanitizing stations and toilets must display the posters showing information on how to sanitize and wash hands correctly.
  • Toilets must have sufficient soap in the dispensers for washing hands.
  • Each studio will also have a 25 litre plastic water container with tap for learners to wash hands when leaving the studio spaces after a lesson. Liquid soap must be made available at these stations as well.
  • Learners are NOT allowed to operate the sanitizer bottles or water containers at all. This can only be done by the staff.


  • ALL learners and staff must adhere to the 1.5 metres of social distancing both in the classroom/studio and outside of the classroom/studio at all times.
  • Learners will be guided by markings in the studio and outside that have to be adhered to and learners will not be allowed to move furniture from the designated layout plan.
  • Staff will not be allowed also to move furniture from the designated layout plan before consulting with management and with management’s approval to do so.
  • Social distancing protocol MUST be adhered to at ALL times.


  • Assessments and registers will be emailed to the SMT so that we minimise the contact and movement in the office space also to avoid the sharing of the flash drive. This will be done for moderation of marks and thereafter the processing of these marks to be sent to schools.
  • Registers will also be checked via scan and email so that there is no handling of files by any other individuals other than the educator.
  • Register templates will no longer be accessible to educators. If copies of registers are required, please inform Robyn of what is needed and she will copy these documents for you and place it in your pigeon hole for your collection.
  • The use of flash drives in the office computers will be kept to a minimum if at all. We would encourage teachers and learners to email images that would need to be printed so that it can be done and placed in your pigeon hole for your collection.  


  • ALL Staff and learners will be orientated through the processes that will be implemented at the centre and the importance of compliance with these measures and regulations MUST be emphasised.
  • This orientation will take place at the start of the first day back at the centre and everyone will be reminded daily of the protocol to follow.
  • Learners who do not adhere to the regulations as stipulated will be sent back to their respective schools.

Please note that the above stipulations are in keeping with the National regulations and adherence to the above is non-negotiable. The safety of our learners and staff is paramount and therefore no exceptions to the rule will be entertained.